We all grew up watching our dads cracking up to Nick and Rog on The Rock FM, we thought Simon was real and it was bad arse to tune the classroom radio to the Rock at Primary School... Listening to some of Nick Trott's stuff now, it's no surprise the teachers would go nuts and send letters home to our parents for trying to listen to the "grown-ups station"... No one would get away with that content today. I haven't found the old rock stuff yet but when I do I'll pop it up.

NZ's Best Podcasts

Fletch, Vaughan & Megan

Nick Trott

Possibly New Zealand's best ever radio show! Listen to their latest full-length podcast, stay up-to-date with Megan's Diary and listen to the classics such as "This is What Crazy Looks Like Via Text Message"...Enjoy! 


Possibly New Zealand's greatest living person, now spends his time on a pretty average radio show. The king of controversy still treats us to bits of his creative genius with segments such as "Like Mike" taking the piss out of Mike Hosking. Have a listen to find out why Jeremy is still the mantis!

Jeremy Wells (Newsboy)


With Leigh Hart and Jason Hoyte... I can't even begin to explain what this is...it's just funny somehow, you will recognise these two from Moon TV and Sports Cafe