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About The Boilup:

 The Boilup is a celebration of New Zealand: Our land, our people, our culture and is non-profit. We just do it because we love New Zealand and want everyone to know why it is the best country in the world!

This is a site for all kiwis to enjoy reflecting on who we are and to educate others about all things Kiwiana.

The Boilup focus is on the New Zealand regions (the real grass roots New Zealand). We support rising kiwi talent, small towns, NZ made and fringe events around the country...Anything a bit left field.

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The Boilup has endless scope for expansion, so if you want to get involved in creating content or if you have something to add to the site please let us know! You can contact us on our Facebook page or via the form below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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