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South Islander Aldous Harding is so strangely interesting; her music will leave you questioning questions...

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If you're thinking about travelling to New Zealand or you've just migrated, you might be thinking "What is New Zealand culture?", "What does it mean to be a kiwi?" and how did New Zealand
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Celebrating New Zealand!

Marchfest Nelson
Wild Foods Hokitika

This is the Best music video of 2017 according to Time Out New York. Created right here by kiwi artist Jonathan Bree!

Hamsterfest 2018 Hamilton

The Boilup

Tokafest 2018

A flash-back to NZ in 1991. "What's The Time Mr Wolf" was made famous by "Once Were Warriors"... So cook me some eggs!

5 signs a kiwi summer is almost here
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Rotorua Summer Seafood Festival
Tattoo and Art Extravaganza Tauranga
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Fringe Festival Wellington

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Stellar Wellington

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John Butler Napier

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Kegkoura Craft Beer Festival
Fritter Whangarei
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